For 37 years (it’s 2017 today) James Borg has been involved in the paranormal,occult and ufology. Ever since he self taught himself at age 13 on the occult and magick. As a result he has become intuitive, visionary and has empathy .


He believes in trying to make the world a higher resonance of benevolence. He facilitates meetings,outings, events ,interviews for people to open up to the hidden and forbidden in the world.

James has had a lifetime of paranormal experiences and has had his fair share of demons. It comes with the territory and is a daily battle most unless experienced can understand.

Due to this he is very good at dealing with others like him whom have experience because he too is a experiencer in many paranormal related occurrences

He is a ufo and extraterrestrial  experiencer and alien abductee .He has seen and been attacked by entities. he was raped by a succubus. He grew up in a haunted house and all of his residences have had ethereal beings. They say he is a orb magnet.


He has had alien implants removed from himself several times. He has helped others from malevolent entity attacks and occurrences. He has been documented on t.v. , radio, newspapers, magazines.

He is the founder of Uforia and Uforia Chronicles. He is a intuitive psychic detective and of course a paranormal researcher.

James loves to document people’s occurrences  in ufology and the paranormal and is a excellent go to guy. Because he too is an experiencer.


James Borg Media :


  1. Science of Ghost hunting (documentary)
  2. Creepy Canada (ghost hunting t.v. series) 3 episodes
  3. Various news casts


  1. Uforia Shockwave Radio which he co-hosted with Charlie Kundalini .
  2. Contact Radio
  3. Spaced Out Radio
  4. Cosmic Horizons Radio


  1. Muskoka Traditions
  2. The Borg Files
  3. Terror in the Night 1 -Alien Abduction Exposed


  1. Outer Limits Magazine
  2. North American Corespondent

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