Charlie Kundalini is one of Canada’s most progressive and controversial active UFOLOGIST to recently spawn forth secrets of the science whom is not only a researcher, but also an experiencer for encountering several alieneske hominid beings with many UFO Sightings. Charlie is a proven experienced field worker for the UFORIA CHRONICLES Investigative Team utilizing his vibrational dowsing, channeling, commanding of the aether world and the ability to practice inter-dimensional combat. Presently he is the founder of the largest UFO Club in CANADA located in the city of Toronto composed of many members who are contactees, abductees and experiancer alike called “Alien, UFO’s in Outer & Inner Space” Charlie is also a Co-Organizer of “ which is an elite international club for selected members called “UFORIANS. He has become an active source for complicated topics involving alien species, forbidden technologies, ancient civilizations, Inter-dimensional sciences and connecting biblical accounts to Alien and UFO activity.

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